Whittington Castle



Bill and Betty





Bill the male mute swan from Whittington Castle has sadly passed away.  The R.S.P.C.A.  took him to Stapley Grange sanctuary to see if they could give

him medical attention for his bad legs.  Unfortunately the leg had got a lot worse over the last few months and it was deemed necessary to put him to sleep rather than suffer any longer.  He was at least 16 years old and will be greatly missed from the Castle moat.  His life long partner Betty and the 3 remaining cygnets seem to have moved on – apparently this is common with swans when no male to protect them.  She may come back but at this moment in time no sign of her.  We wait to see what will happen if a new pair will take up residence.

We hope that a new couple flying past will see that the moat is empty of swans and take up residence.  If this does not happen naturally during the mating season - then we will approach the R.S.P.C.A. and ask if they need to re-home a couple.