Whittington Castle
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Paranormal Vigils

at night

Whittington Castle is open for Paranormal Investigations.  Please e-mail the Castle Manager if you are a group who would like to hold an overnight vigil at the Castle.

Explore the charming and romantic ruins of this very haunted Castle. The castle is steeped in historical tales of bitter warfare, treachery, death, myths, legends and of course many ghosts and strange happenings. Will you come across the hooded figure seen under the gateway, meet the phantom blacksmith in the leather apron or witness the faces of ghostly children who are regularly seen peering out of an upstairs window? Are you  brave enough to investigate the eerie, dark and oppressive guard room which some staff members absolutely refuse to enter? Join in a quest to discover the spiritual residents which occupy this fascinating historical castle.

For an overnight investigation we  can provide at least 4 vigil areas.  We would allow max 25 people.  Evenings 8-3am or 9-4am. We can also provide refreshments in our tearoom. 

If you would like to make a booking please telephone 01691 662500 or e-mail info@whittingtoncastle.co.uk 

Dead Haunted Nights investigation at Whittington Castle - Shropshire Star Video link


Visit the forum section of Haunted Happenings for feedback on Investigations.

On 28th January 2012 I took part in the MEGS (Middle Earth Ghost Hunters) investigation at the castle.  I wondered out during some vigils and captured some strange mist and a dark shadow.  Please click on the pictures to enlarge.

Paranormal Investigations of the Castle booked for 2017

4th February 8pm-2am - Really Haunted see for booking http://www.reallyhaunted.co.uk/

20th May 8pm-1am - Haunted Hunts to book see https://www.thehauntedhunts.co.uk

3rd June 8pm-2am - Really Haunted to book see http://www.reallyhaunted.co.uk

10th June Paranormal Friends Investigation at the Castle.

Unique investigation in conjunction with the Australian Paranormal Society the-age-newspaper-1monoAre you going to be one of the lucky 24 that will be joining us at Whittington Castle in Shropshire on Saturday 10 June 2017? The founder of the APS, the legend that is Bill Tabone, will be joining us on his European tour for this fantastic night. We’ve had two really active nights there already and can’t wait to see how some of Bill’s techniques will help us encounter even more paranormal activity. To Book see http://www.paranormalfriends.co.uk

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