Whittington Castle
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Whittington Medieval Guild

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Medieval Tailor

Providing for the Knights and Ladies!


Individual craft workers and historical interpreters who meet at Whittington Castle to demonstrate the practical skills of medieval life.

Clothing is of the first quarter of the 14th century - the time of the castle's Golden Age.


Dates 2nd April

30th April - 1st May

4th June 2017 29th & 30th July 10th September


If you would like to know more, contact Sarah Thursfield 01691 839286 or www.sarahthursfield.com

We are a group of volunteers who portray life and events at the castle in the years 1200-1230, which is the time of Fulk Fitzwarin the Third and the construction of the main stone structure. You’ll meet members of the permanent garrison of professional soldiers and also some of theworkers who supplied the day-to-day needs of food and clothing. You might meet Fitzwarin himself or members of his family; you’ll certainly be able to ask about military equipment and methods, and about the practical skills of medieval life.
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