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Napoleonic Weekend at Castle March 25th & 26th 2017

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Napoleonic Event at Whittington Castle
25th & 26th March 2017

Open 10-4pm each day.

£3 per adult and £1 per child entrance

Programme for the Weekend is

Programme 1015hrs - British Brigade Drill 1100hrs - French Brigade Drill 1130hrs - British Drill & Firing Display
(Main Arena) 1200hrs - French Drill & Firing Display
(Main Arena) 1500hrs - Battle 1600hrs- Close

It's going to be the biggest Napoleonic event at the Castle yet,
with over 100 re-enactors attending,
and arguably the largest French showing the
UK has seen in a long time.

List of groups who will be attending this event:

Allies: 33rd Regiment

51st Light Infantry

5/60th Rifles

68th DLI

94th Regiment

2/95th Rifles


21eme D'Ligne

45eme D'Ligne

76eme D'Ligne

85eme D'Ligne

Anglesey Hussars


Whittington Scenario

With the French advance into Portugal, and in turn the withdrawal of
Crauford's Light Division back across the Coa, the Siege of Almeida has now begun.... Standing opposite the two Spanish border fortresses of Ciudad Rodrigo & Fort Concepcion,
Almeida was garrisoned by the Allies, and was intended
to help slow the French advance into Portugal, and
in turn allow Wellesley
time to strengthen, re-organise and improve the army
at his disposal. A long siege at Almeida, before the
winter months set in would certainly help
to do just that.
Several days prior to the French advance, Viscount
Wellington had ordered Brevet-Colonel Yuill
and his provisional battalion to re-enforce the mainly
Portuguese garrison at Almeida, accompanied
by a battery of gunners from the Royal Artillery.

On arrival at Almeida, the garrison commander
(Brig. General - of the
Portuguese Army - William Cox) has ordered
Brevet-Colonel Yuill and his Provisional
battalion to defend the Santo Antonio Bastion on the west of the fortress, near the castle -
where the main powder magazine is located. With a large French force numbering some 16,000 men with 100 guns under the
command of Marshal Ney now encircling the fortress, will the garrison of 5,000
Portuguese & British defeat their besiegers.....or surrender??

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