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knights in Battle Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th June 2017

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Open 10-4pm each day

Cost is £2 per Adult and £1 per child entrance.

This is a new event for Whittington Castle. The Castle is pleased to present "Knights in Battle" -

The Group will be staging a 13th century foot tournament pitching knights against each otherin a a single combat for a prize of gold.

There will be training fights without armour and some archery as well.

There will be cooks providing food for the knights.

Knights In Battle Medieval Society is a Sheffield
based group specialising in bringing medieval history
to life. Their goal is to produce an excellent appearance
and a high quality of entertainment at public events.

See armoured knights in a thirteenth-century foot tournament,
known as a "Feast of Arms", a clash between knights for
glory and riches. Will the knights of the foul Lord defeat
those who fight alongside the Goodly Baron as they clash
in single combats in this action packed show?!
The Feast of Arms encourages audience participation
by cheering for favoured knights and booing the baddies.

Knights in Battle members are available to talk to members of the public throughout the day and let them get hands-on experience of the weapons and armour used in the tournament. Where conditions allow archery may be displayed to.

Draft Programme for the Weekend Event

11:00 The Tourney begins: the Knights are announced and then fight for a prize of gold.

14:00 Ready for Tourney: the Knights ready themselves to rejoin the tournament and re armour and arm in front of the spectators.

14:30 The Tourney re commences: the Knights continue to fight for the prize until a winner is announced.

15:00 A display of archery that demonstrates the development of the war bow in this era.

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