Whittington Castle


House of the Black Star - Medieval Re-enactors

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Welcome to the House of the Black Star

Welcome to all Lords & Ladies, Free Men & Surfs

We are the house of the Black Star.

Based at Whittington Castle on the border of England

and Wales. We serve under the banner of the Black Star,

House of Fitzwarine,  

protectors to the Fitzwarine family.

It is our duty to protect the sacred English ground, against the

accursed Welsh who have regularly mauraded, stealing sheep

and women of equal value.

We are a medieval re-enactment society covering Historical period of 1240 to 1350 and it is our primary goal to provide accurate combat displays as well as a glimpse into the life of a medieval household. We operate from Whittington castle, found on the Shropshire Borders, between Owestry and Llangollen. Whittington castle is steeped in myth and Legend and is believed to be the only castle in the UK that is community run.

The House of the Black Star regularly give demonstrations of life and death at Whittington Castle throughout the summer months. 

They are also available for hire be it a Wedding, Fete or Fair or School.


A Day at the Castle usually involves

A Parade through the Castle - all welcome to follow 

Sword Drill

Weapons Display - fighting with sword, spear, axe, staff etc

War bow - Talk and demonstration on the Longbow, arrows etc

Crime and Punishment

Medieval medicine, dentistry and herbs

Leather work

Spear Drill -come and learn how to be a Spear man.


Dates for 2017

9th April

14th May

10th June - 1940s Day

29th-30th July

17th September

Please contact us for details. www.thehouseoftheblackstar.co.uk