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There are a number of myths and legends connected with Whittington and the Castle. In fact it is thought rather uncanny for one small village in England to be associated with so much of our Nations folklore.

Dick Whittington

Obviously!!! I expect that all Whittington's in the UK would claim Richard Whittington, Mayor of London, as their most famous son. However similarities between Dick Whittington's coat of arms to those of Fulk Fitzwarine (who was largely responsible for the building of Whittington Castle) may not be pure coincidence and the cottage where he reputedly lived is not far from the Castle. With the A5 passing right in front of the Castle gates its seems entirely reasonable that Dick set out along this ancient route to London to seek his fortune.

Robin Hood

There are many similarities between the lives of Fulk Fitzwarine and Robin Hood which suggest that the two characters may have similar origins within our oral tradition. They were both outlawed by King John for instance. But that is not where the similarities end. http://www.boldoutlaw.com/realrob/ or here http://www.mythstories.com/robinA.html

The Holy Grail

In his book "The search for the Grail" Graham Phillips links the grail legends to Fulk Fitzwarine and Whittington Castle. http://www.britannia.com/history/arthur/marian.html

Fulk Fitzwarine III

Read a translation of the medieval manuscript "The history of Fulk Fitzwarine" which resides in the British Museum and which explains the link to Robin Hood. You can find the text here. http://www.yorku.ca/inpar/fulk_kemp.pdf

"Mad" Jack Mytton

Jack Mytton lived close to the Castle at Halston.

The Cursed Chest at Whittington Castle

Babes in the Wood

The hamlet of Babbinswood (Babies-in-the- wood) lies 1 mile south of the Castle.

The Cursed Chest

Little is known about this impressive object and its connection with the Castle and the Owners. It is approx 5'x3'x3' and weighs about 10cwt. There is much rumour and innuendo about it but that's probably not surprising considering there is a curse on it. The key is apparently in the moat!!!

The chest was recently moved from the Castle for safe-keeping.

If you want to find out more about the myths and legends of Shropshire visit Mysthstories Museum in Wem. You can found more details here http://www.mythstories.com/

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