Whittington Castle
Open Wed to Sun 10am-4pm Summer
Open Fri to Sun 10am-4pm Winter

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Whittington Castle is available for Groups to visit at any time.  Group tours and talks can be arranged or why not book a Tour/talk and Fun Quiz trail and buffet.  The visit starts with a tour and short talk from Mistress Ellis, in medieval costume.  The group is then split into teams, such as Castle servants, Castle Guards, Travelling Fools, My lady and her guests.  Each team is sent to find the answers to questions which include finding objects belonging to the characters they portray.  Watch out for a few surprises along the way!!  Once completed the groups assemble and tell everyone who they are and what they have had to do (this usually proves quite entertaining!).  A prize for the best team and then a buffet follows.

Or you can just book a Tour or Talk for your group.  Please contact Sue on 01691 662500 to find out more.

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