Whittington Castle
Open Wed to Sun 10am-4pm Summer
Open Fri to Sun 10am-4pm Winter

Fitzwarine Children’s Club

The Order of Fitzwarine





We hold a holiday club at the Castle each school holiday.  The club sessons last 1 hour and usually take place on a Wednesday at 12 noon for 1 hour. The sessions include a drink and treat and cost £2.50-£5 depending on the activity.

Members are training to become Knights and Ladies of the Castle.  They join as Paiges or Squires or Damsels and are all  in training.

Costumes are provided and each session usually includes a themed activity session for the day, a game, a break. The House of the Blackstar medieval re-enactors often come and help to train the members.

Please see the news section of this website for news of next club session


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